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Movement for me is the foremost factor when assessing a Min Pin’s true breed type. Min Pins are a “profile breed”, meaning they should be judged most on the picture from the side you see when they are moving. From this view you can easily assess balance, smoothness, coordination, neck set, length of neck, tail set, and length of back, together with reach, drive, lift, and wrist bend (hackney-like movement). Of course, their down and back must be sound as well.

I want a Min Pin with a pretty head, long neck, short back, and high tail set, together with reach, drive and hackney movement. Too often we see Min Pins with high hackney who do not reach, (often combined with no rear drive and a lack of rear angulation.) The lack of front reach can be caused by too straight shoulders combined with a straight or short upper arm. A long upper arm can give reach in spite of straight shoulders.

The lack of rear drive is evident in Min Pins lacking rear butt-- the shelf behind the tail. I call these Min Pins “flat assed” because they have a more open 45 degree pelvic angle. They have no drive or push to propel them forward, and thus do not cover ground when they move. They hackney up and down and go nowhere. Tail set does not determine rear drive. For me there is no more beautiful sight than to see a pretty, short-backed MinPin puppy with the tail sitting upright at a 90 degree angle, far forward on a short back, followed by a prominent angular butt (a 30 degree pelvic angle).

Although rear drive did not originate with the Sunbrook Min Pins of the early ‘90’s (rear drive certainly is evident with other Min Pins), it is in these original dogs (for me) that I saw this trait to be most prevalent. The Sunbrook Min Pins had the most well-angulated rears-- stifle and pelvis, and consistently had rear drive. Beautiful movement is surely a genetic trait.
Below are examples of movement that I have discussed above. The minpins below show excellent reach with good hackney as well as strong rear drive:

 Ch. Winters Wild n'Wonderful

 Ch. Sunbrook Masked Warrior                        Ch. Winters The Red Pony

Ch. Winters Incredible Me                                                Ch. Wannabee Biker Boy  
Ch. Winters I Love To Party
Ch. Winters Look At Me
 Winters Barack Obama
Winters Jose Cuervo
Ch Wannabee Biker Bob





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