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About us: When I started showing and breeding Min Pins, I got my first bitch from Jim Briley (Aquarius Dobermans) who had Carlee and Sanbrook bloodlines,  In 1992, I went to my first MPCA National Specialty in Vancouver with Ch. Chateau Acres Kit Kat whom I had gotten from Gloria Knapp. 

At that National I was notably impressed by the short bodied, dark, angular, classic look and side movement of Ch. Sanbrook Silk Electric bred by Ann Dutton.  I was equally impressed by the short bodied, showy, Ch. Redwings On the Cutting Edge who had beautiful side gait with a lot of lift and hackney.  Equally impressive was Ch. Sunbrook Buckskin Girl with many of the same traits.

At the show the next day, I saw Ch. Sunbrook Indian Amber and Ch. Sunbrook Dances with Wolves, sisters of Ch. Sunbrook Buckskin Girl.  The elegance and side movement of these sister bitches was unequalled. They had tremendous reach with lift and hackney combined with an angular driving rear. They were beautiful bitches with short backs and long necks-- traits difficult to achieve together when breeding Min Pins.

From that day forward, I saw that it was the look, movement and genetic influence of those Sanbrook, Sunbrook, and Redwing bloodlines that I wanted to perpetuate and use in my breeding program. These Min Pins had a familial relationship and I vowed to myself that their traits was what I wanted to breed.

In the ensuing years, I have used other bloodlines (which were all line bred or family bred to these older dogs).  I am indebted to these Min Pin breeders for the use of their dogs in developing and achieving my goal of producing beautiful, typey, excellent moving Min Pins.






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